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30 Jul 2015

Wroñska N et al. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2015; 12: 6261-6280.

Preliminary results of a Spanish study indicate that an iPad-based game aimed at improving attention during reading comprehension in children with ADHD, may be a user-friendly and potentially effective tool.

An interactive game-based learning tool was developed for iPad devices, based upon exercises to foster attention during reading comprehension and picture observation in children with ADHD. Children from Spain (n=6; aged 8–12 years) who had not been diagnosed with ADHD completed the exercises hosted within the interactive tool, and scores from these were evaluated along with responses to a questionnaire* concerning the usability of the system.

Mean (standard deviation [SD]) time required to complete the exercises reduced with subsequent games: Game 1, 86 (19.5) seconds; Game 2, 50 (18.0) seconds; Game 3, 40 (15.1) seconds; and there was a tendency for scores to increase: Game 1, 2.8 (1.5) points; Game 2, 3.0 (1.6) points; Game 3, 3.2 (1.6) points. Older children were found to complete the first game faster than younger children, but age did not influence the time to complete subsequent games. Results from the usability questionnaire were high (score: 89.58 out of 100). The questionnaires indicated that some aspects of the game were not well integrated and there were some inconsistencies, and thus the game was subsequently improved based on the participants’ suggestions.

These preliminary findings indicate this tool is user-friendly and easy to follow. Further studies are needed to evaluate this tool in children with ADHD and to assess the impact of the tool on improvements in reading comprehension skills.

Read more about this iPad-based tool for improving the skills of children with ADHD here


*The questionnaire comprised 10 items assessed on a 5-point Likert scale which were evaluated by the children with the assistance of a teacher.

Wrońska N, Garcia-Zapirain B, Mendez-Zorrilla A. An iPad-based tool for improving the skills of children with attention deficit disorder. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2015; 12: 6261-6280.

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