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Dr Ari Tuckman (Psychologist, USA) concluded MoM VII with a presentation containing his own recommendations for empowering patients with ADHD to “change what they can, and accept the rest”.1 A summary of these recommendations is detailed in the figure below.

Dr Ari Tuckman: empowering patients with ADHD1

Dr Ari Tuckman: empowering patients with ADHD

Dr Tuckman’s talk focused on what he considers an overlooked goal in the treatment of ADHD – encouraging patients to accept remaining deficits. He suggested that an important component of managing patients with ADHD is managing their expectations, to allow both the patient and their clinician to recognise when an intervention treatment is providing real benefits versus when it is unsuccessful. Weaknesses should be accepted, to allow patients to recognise and act upon strategies to target them – such as creating a designated hook on a door to avoid forgetting keys.1

For Dr Tuckman, the definitive goal of interventions for ADHD is to help patients live a ‘big life’ that is fulfilling, and has a positive impact on themselves and others around them. In recognition that some patients with ADHD may need to work harder to attain their goals, clinicians should encourage them to take pride in their own personal successes and actively approach any challenges. Ultimately, Dr Tuckman asserts, this will help patients ‘get on top of’ their ADHD and gain a higher quality of life.

  1. Tuckman A. Presented at Meeting of Minds (MOM) VII, 29–30 June 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.
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