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10 Mar 2015

Mautone JA et al. Psychol Sch 2015; 52: 196-207.

Consideration should be given to both parent and teacher perspectives, when evaluating the quality of family-school communication in the management of children with ADHD, a recent US study reports.

The aim of this study was to examine the structure and concurrent validity of the Quality of the Parent-Teacher Relationship, a factor of the Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire (PTIQ) in parents and teachers of children with ADHD (n=260; age 4–12 years; 69.2% male) with a view to developing a valid, multi-informant and efficient measure of the family-school relationship.

Analyses provided support for a two-factor model, indicating that separate parent and teacher versions of the Quality of the Parent-Teacher Relationship should be used. Correlational findings with other measures of family involvement in home- and school-based education (e.g. help with homework) provided support for concurrent validity. The correlation between parent and teacher reports of the Quality of the Parent-Teacher Relationship was significant, but not high, with a shared variance of only 12%. This suggests that both parents and teachers provide a substantial amount of unique information to the assessment of the home-school relationship and that the perspectives of both parties would be useful to school psychologists and other healthcare professionals working to support the development of collaborative family-school relationships.

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Mautone JA, Marcelle E, Tresco KE, et al. Assessing the quality of parent-teacher relationships for students with ADHD. Psychol Sch. 2015; 52: 196-207.

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