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Guidelines are not written in stone; clinical evidence accumulates and evidence-based practice recommendations are made. International and European guidelines for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and hyperkinetic disorder (HKD) continue to be updated as new clinical data emerge. Updated recommendations are designed to improve the diagnosis and management of ADHD in clinical practice.

At Meeting of Minds X (Madrid, Spain, 17–18 April 2018), a scientific forum initiated, organised and funded by Shire, now part of Takeda, a panel of eminent ADHD specialists (Professor Philip Asherson, Professor Patrick Bolton, Professor Tobias Banaschewski, Professor David Coghill, Professor David Daley, Dr Martin Gignac, Dr Bruno Nazar and Professor Luis Rohde) discussed clinical guidelines in detail during a discussion forum moderated by Dr Duncan Manders entitled “Clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of ADHD in children, adolescents and adults: updates, similarities and differences”. Please select the videos below to view a summary of the discussions.

Overview of approaches to guideline development

Similarities and differences between the guidelines

Non-pharmacological versus pharmacological treatments in guidelines

How is evidence rated when deciding how to incorporate it into a guideline?

What is the purpose of guidelines?

Are people following the guidelines?

Why is there variability in the implementation of the guidelines?

The views represented in these videos are those of the individuals in the discussion panel, who have all been involved in the development of guidelines in their countries. Their views and opinions do not represent the views of Takeda, and the individuals are not speaking on behalf of any organisation that may be depicted in the discussions. Guidelines discussed were selected by the experts, and this is not intended to be a comprehensive review of ADHD guidelines. The original discussion has been edited by Shire, now part of Takeda, for ease of viewing.

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